My family.

Hello! As you’ve probably already guessed, my name is Hilary! Welcome to By Hilary Jordan, my little corner of the internet where I share my quilting, sewing, and adulting adventures. Plus a bit of life with two little boys, and one¬†wonderful & slightly stubborn husband;).

I have adored creating and making things for as long as I can remember. Art was by far my favorite special elective in school, and my grandmother was a treasure trove of embroidery knowledge. As a pre-teen, I would sit in my closet and draw the most outrageous formal gowns¬†that I would one day make and wear on the red carpet because I was going to be famous like Hillary Duff! Since my dreams of stardom didn’t pan out, I stuck with the arts.;)

As a freshman in high school, I decided I wanted add sewing to my building knowledge of various crafts. My parents bought me my first sewing machine that year, and I used the instruction manual to teach myself how it worked. This was pre-YouTube, oh what I would have given to have YouTube back then! The first few garments off that machine were terrible, but at the time I was so proud! The happiness sewing made me feel was something I couldn’t put into words.

Throughout high school and college I consistently would make garment here and there, my sewing machine definitely came with me to my tiny dorm room at A&M, and I dabbled in quilting here and there. At one point in time, I made my dad a quilt out of old blue jeans. I had no idea what a rotary cutter was, so I cut the pieces with scissors and a cardboard template.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my oldest that I really got serious about quilting. Just like my garment making, the first couple of quilts were questionable, but the best way to learn is to fail a few times first.

Today, I am beyond lucky to say that quilting & sewing has transformed from being my cherished hobby, to now being my full-time job! In 2016 I accepted the position of Social Media and Quilt Guild Coordinator for Aurifil Thread, an Italian thread manufacturer based in Milan. It is by far my dream job because it is centered around an industry I care deeply about, and I work with an absolutely amazing team of people. I seriously love my Aurifil family.